Masara Kim: "When the next generation comes, they should know that somebody did something."
Latest news · 30. September 2022
CSI's Joel Veldkamp and Franklyne Ogbunwezeh interview Masara Kim, a courageous Christian journalist from Plateau State in #Nigeria, about the situation for Christians in his country, and the historical roots of the current persecution.

Nigerian pastor recounts his own 9/11 attack that led to his ‘death’
Latest news · 22. September 2022
Rev. Bright Mctitus, a pastor at the Anglican Church Jos, relates how he was attacked and given up for dead after being attacked by a Muslim neighbour in September 2001.

CSI signs call to reinstate Nigeria on US CPC list
Latest news · 20. September 2022
Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has joined other humanitarian organisations in calling on the US to reinstate Nigeria on its list of countries of particular concern (CPC).

Persecuted human rights activist Luka Binniyat to appear in court
Latest news · 01. September 2022
Seven months after his release from jail, Nigerian journalist and human rights activist Luka Binniyat will appear in court on 6 September to answer charges of cyberstalking. Ahead of his hearing he said he was feeling “hopeful and optimistic” about the outcome.

More Chibok girls win their freedom as pressure mounts on Boko Haram
Latest news · 23. August 2022
On 14 April 2014, Boko Haram militants seized 276 schoolgirls from their dormitory in the northeastern town of Chibok. Over the intervening years most of the girls have escaped or been freed following negotiations. But around 100 are still missing. In recent weeks, several of the girls have been found by the Nigerian Army prompting speculation that Boko Haram may be abandoning their captives as the military steps up its campaign in the northeast.

Death threats forced this Christian journalist to leave Nigeria
Videos · 22. August 2022
Steven Kefas is one of the leading journalists covering the slow genocide of indigenous Christians in his native state of Kaduna. In July 2022, the threats against his life from Nigerian security services and Fulani militias became so great that he was forced to flee Nigeria to a third country. Joel Veldkamp and Franklyne Ogbunwezeh from CSI interview Kefas about the genocide against Christians in southern Kaduna and the threats against his life.

In Plateau State, infant loses arm to terrorists’ bullet after his family is killed
Latest news · 16. August 2022
In an amenity ward of the Vom Christian hospital, four-month-old David Pam slept peacefully in a baby bed on the morning of 14 August, unaware of the fate that had befallen him. Two weeks earlier, on 31 July, Islamic terrorists identified as members of the Fulani tribe attacked his village of Danda Chugwi, 15 miles southwest of Jos, and killed almost his entire family. His right arm was severed by the terrorists’ bullet in an attack that has been condemned as ‘callous’ by local officials.

How I slipped out of Nigeria amidst threats to my life
Latest news · 16. August 2022
Fr. Cheitnum, a vocal advocate for human rights, justice and equity was abducted on 15 July 2022 and murdered almost immediately, writes South Kaduna-based journalist Steven Kefas. A day before he was buried, I was warned that plans to abduct me were at an advanced stage, and that I should leave northern Nigeria, and possibly the country, if I could. Less than two weeks later, on 27 July, I embarked on a tumultuous journey through one of Nigeria's northern borders by road.

Lambeth Conference Statement on Nigeria: CSI, Nigerian church leaders, and Baroness Cox respond
Latest news · 10. August 2022
This week, the 2022 Lambeth Conference, the once-a-decade gathering of bishops of the Anglican Communion from around the world, came to an end. Among the Conference’s concluding statements issued on 8 August was a “statement of support for Nigeria", sponsored by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby. However, several Nigerian Christian leaders and religious freedom activists from abroad did not think the Conference’s statement went far enough.

Christian clerics endangered in Nigeria
Latest news · 05. August 2022
On 15 July, Father Chietnum John Mark was added to the rapidly growing list of Christian priests and pastors who have been kidnapped or murdered by jihadists and criminal gangs in Nigeria. He and Fr. Donatus Suleiman were kidnapped in Kaduna State. Fr Donatus was lucky to escape, but Fr. Chietnum was murdered on the day he was kidnapped. His decomposing corpse was discovered four days later.

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