President Buhari “turning a blind eye” to massacres of Christians in Benue
Latest news · 15. November 2022
A wave of deadly attacks on Christian villages in Benue State has left hundreds dead and many more homeless. Mark Gbilla, a member of the Nigerian House of Representatives, says the region is under siege from Islamic extremists, but President Buhari is not concerned, writes Masara Kim.

'Terror': Nigerian Christian Mother Could Face Death Over Horrific Blasphemy Charges
Videos · 14. November 2022
CSI's Joel Veldkamp shares the story of Rhoda, a Nigerian Christian woman jailed on charges of blasphemy, in this interview with CBN's Billy Hallowell.

Attacks on market and villages kill 18 Christians in Benue State
Latest news · 07. November 2022
At least ten Christians have been reported killed in an evening raid on a rural market in Benue State. A further eight people died in attacks on three villages following the raid, writes Masara Kim.

Husband of Christian woman imprisoned for blasphemy: "I have not slept since she was arrested."
Latest news · 03. November 2022
Rhoda Ya’u Jatau, 45, has been held by the Bauchi State authorities since 20 May on allegations of blasphemy. For close to six months, her husband Ya’u Adamu has endured the pain of his wife's incarceration, writes Masara Kim.

Friday Hangout With Dr Franklyne Ogbunwezeh
Videos · 14. October 2022
CSI Senior Research Fellow Dr Franklyne Ogbunwezeh speaks to Njenje Media TV about the threat of Nigeria.

Fulani militants target Christian farmers in Plateau State ‘food basket’
Latest news · 11. October 2022
Militants from the Fulani tribe are targeting Christian farmers to take over lands in Plateau State, writes Masara Kim. A series of attacks in the fertile Bokkos area since 1 October have left at least 13 dead.

Masara Kim: "When the next generation comes, they should know that somebody did something."
Latest news · 30. September 2022
CSI's Joel Veldkamp and Franklyne Ogbunwezeh interview Masara Kim, a courageous Christian journalist from Plateau State in #Nigeria, about the situation for Christians in his country, and the historical roots of the current persecution.

Nigerian pastor recounts his own 9/11 attack that led to his ‘death’
Latest news · 22. September 2022
Rev. Bright Mctitus, a pastor at the Anglican Church Jos, relates how he was attacked and given up for dead after being attacked by a Muslim neighbour in September 2001.

CSI signs call to reinstate Nigeria on US CPC list
Latest news · 20. September 2022
Christian Solidarity International (CSI) has joined other humanitarian organisations in calling on the US to reinstate Nigeria on its list of countries of particular concern (CPC).

Persecuted human rights activist Luka Binniyat to appear in court
Latest news · 01. September 2022
Seven months after his release from jail, Nigerian journalist and human rights activist Luka Binniyat will appear in court on 6 September to answer charges of cyberstalking. Ahead of his hearing he said he was feeling “hopeful and optimistic” about the outcome.

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