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Dozens killed, villages cleansed as Fulani militants attack Christian communities in Enugu State
Latest news · 20. December 2022
A spate of attacks by militant Fulani groups is raising fears that Enugu is becoming a new hotspot in Nigeria's sectarian conflict, writes Franklyne Ogbunwezeh.

Violence in Nigeria: At least 615 killed in first three weeks of 2022
Latest news · 24. January 2022
From January 1 to January 21, at least 615 people have been reported as murdered by ‘bandits’, ‘herdsmen’, ‘gunmen’ and ‘Fulani’ militants, and at least 231 known persons were abducted by the aforementioned. Approximately 13,050 Nigerian people have been displaced from their homes due to the violence. These statistics have been aggregated from reports in both the international and local Nigerian press.