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Five Christians killed in twin attacks on Plateau villages
Latest news · 07. February 2023
At least five people were killed in Plateau State on 5 February following attacks on two Christian villages in the Bokkos Local Government Area. The attacks are the latest in a series of invasions which have displaced thousands of farmers in the potato growing capital of Nigeria, writes Masara Kim.

Eyewitnesses tell how army failed to prevent Mallagum massacre
Latest news · 19. January 2023
In the last eight years, the sound of artillery gunfire has replaced the traditional Christmas songs in Southern Kaduna where jihadists fighters have launched attacks during the festivities. The massacre of rural dwellers in Mallagum and Sokong communities in Kaura local government area in the run-up to Christmas marked the continuation of this sad trend, writes Steven Kefas.

Dozens killed, villages cleansed as Fulani militants attack Christian communities in Enugu State
Latest news · 20. December 2022
A spate of attacks by militant Fulani groups is raising fears that Enugu is becoming a new hotspot in Nigeria's sectarian conflict, writes Franklyne Ogbunwezeh.